About Kryton

Kryton International Inc. is the inventor of the crystalline waterproofing admixture and has been waterproofing concrete since 1973. The impact of our technology is evident in the world's most challenging construction projects.
     From immense hydrostatic pressure in the deepest underground pits, to the rooftops of the highest skyscrapers; they provided solutions for them all.
     They develop, manufacture and market products that waterproof, repair and protect concrete structures. Only they do it permanently. The revolutionary technology transforms concrete into a waterproof barrier. Short term, you'll shave weeks off construction schedules, cut waterproofing costs up to 40% and maximize your building footprint. Long term, you'll avoid leaks, discoloration, and costly callbacks.
Today, Kryton has offices around the globe, over fifty distributors in forty countries and operates the largest concrete permeability testing laboratory in North America. As Kryton was built on the spirit of science and research, it is still at the core of our business today.

About BeSealed

BeSealed has been producing Bentobar+, a self-expanding strip for sealing construction joints, for the past twenty-five years. Drawing on many years of construction- and sealing-related experience and expertise, they developed a water-swell able compound based on a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This compound has unique sealing characteristics that form the basis of the BeSealed product range.
        Today, BeSealed is producing self. expanding sealing bars (Polybar+) and other innovative sealing products using their compound, e.g. Sealing Plug, Sealing UFO and Sealing Connector. These revolutionary sealing products are the first-ever, certified, active solutions for combating leakage and moisture problems in the construction industry.